December 1, 2020

The time has come: With Sustainably Slim , a book is now available that redefines fat loss – and what really matters.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight permanently and achieve your dream body, then 2017 may be the year that changes everything for you. Six-week diets and overpriced fat-away programs, which ultimately only make your wallet smaller, are a thing of the past. Because Sustainably Slim changes the rules of the game of losing weight.

There are no complicated magic methods that are supposed to make you slim overnight in this book. Rather, Sustainably Slim is highly effective and tried and tested methods that are converted into a modern, holistic system on easily understandable and yet unique way were integrated.

It impresses with a consistent interplay of mentality, lifestyle, training and diet, which is brought to the point in an easily understandable way.

When you read this book, apparently obvious connections will suddenly fall from your eyes like scales. You will be amazed how easy it can be to lose weight when you know what is important. And you will understand exactly why many people fail to lose weight.

On every page of this book, in each of the topics covered, sustainability is the central theme. Everything in this book has been designed so that you can not only get effective body fat burn, s but also stay slim permanently.

This is a path that hardly any other fitness book has taken so uncompromisingly up to now. The trend is going in a different direction. Modern weight loss programs mostly promise a slim body after 4, 6 or 8 weeks. It’s about losing weight faster and faster (which usually doesn’t even work) and not about staying slim.

The more radical the method, the faster the fat loss turns into its opposite and every weight loss is often followed by an even greater weight gain. No wonder so many people are frustrated by the fashionable diets and empty promises !

If you want to change the result, you need a new approach. And Sustainably slim delivers that. It swims against the current, it clears up errors and wrong turns and relentlessly reveals why most diets are doomed to failure.

Usually, diet programs are limited to teaching the theory of nutrition and exercise. But the most important element usually falls by the wayside: The motivation.

If you want to lose weight sustainably, everything depends on you finding the right motivation to stick with it in the long term. Sustainably slim conveyed a fundamentally new mentality that inspires everything that is necessary for a slim body. That awakens your passion . That gives you a completely new attitude to life .

Conventional ways try to complicate the subject of fat loss more and more. More and more miracle cures and methods are scattered in order to pretend that you have finally discovered a secret ingredient that will give you your dream body immediately and without effort.

Complicated details may sound important, but are mostly just distractions that narrow you down and rob you of your motivation. This trend has meant that today hardly anyone knows exactly what to do to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight sustainably, we have to break the process down to the essential levers . That is why there is only a place in Sustainably Slim that is practically relevant . It is the result of an almost 10 year journey in which I had to throw away a lot of errors and ballast in order to find the simple, clear answers to what is really necessary for a permanently slim body .

With this book I want to develop your perspective and understanding of fat loss, make you aware of what really matters, and enable you to intuitively know what to do to lose weight and Stay slim.

Practical understanding has never been more accessible. Training, nutrition, lifestyle and mentality are clearly explained and, above all, linked in a comprehensible way.

No boasting, no unnecessary complications. This book was written to really make a difference. It was written to significantly support you on your way to your dream body. It is exactly the book that I would have liked to read 10 years ago and I hope to be able to support you significantly on your way. 2017 can be the year in which you will finally lose excess pounds.

This book breaks with many traditions because I firmly believe that a new approach is necessary for many people in order to achieve what they have failed to do with the traditional approach.

It grew out of the extensive feedback I’ve received over the years. From this I could see many connections and overlaps. For the many common problems that keep people from achieving a beautiful, slim, fit and healthy body, this book offers for the first time a solution that is far from tradition.

That’s why I’m personally very curious to see how this book will go down with you as a reader and I ask you to leave me a short and honest review on Amazon and to let me and other readers know whether you will find yourself in this book and enriching insights could take away with you for fat loss.

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